All the proceeds generated by the Naankuse Ecotourism Collection go toward the wildlife conservation and humanitarian efforts of the Naankuse Foundation. Being true to its motto: “Conservation through Innovation”, Naankuse is a front-runner in providing research-orientated solutions to the decline of wildlife populations, habitat and indigenous cultures of Namibia.

  • Revegetation Project

    The Forest Conservation Revegetation Project

    In partnership with the Jolie-Pitt Foundation, project involves the construction of economically viable and ecologically sustainable nurseries at Naankuse sites across Namibia. Indigenous seeds of various native tree and shrub species are collected and propagated using recycled water. In November 2016 the project was accepted into the Queen’s Commonwealth Canopy with Neuras becoming an important part of the global deforestation effort.

  • Naankuse Wildlife Sanctuary

    Naankuse Wildlife Sanctuary

    The Naankuse Foundation Wildlife Sanctuary provides a safe haven and second chance for injured, orphaned and conflict animals. Wherever possible our aim is to release animals back into the wild. Situated on the same reserve as the Naankuse Lodge, the sanctuary offers guests and volunteers an opportunity to get closer to our wildlife and learn about our conservation efforts.

  • Human Wildlife Conflict Prevention

    Human Wildlife Conflict Prevention

    With an estimated 3,500 commercial farms in Namibia, conflict between human activities and wildlife is inevitable – usually resulting in the lethal control of mostly large carnivores in retaliation for livestock depredation. Travelling by air, Naankuse responds rapidly to any of these cases and the team works tirelessly to educate farmers on how important it is to protect all wildlife for the continued security of our biodiversity.

  • Uplifting the indigenous SAN people of Namibia

    Uplifting the indigenous SAN people of Namibia

    The SAN people of Namibia remain marginalized, living largely on the fringes of society. The Naankuse Foundation has aimed to preserve their ancient culture by assisting them in achieving healthy lifestyles, education and economic self-sustainability.  The Foundation treats over 4500 SAN every year at its Lifeline/Childline Clinic and has opened the Clever Cubs school to educate SAN children. The Naankuse Lodge employs SAN from across the country and enables them to derive income from teaching their skills to guests at the San Skills Academy.

  • Volunteering at Naankuse

    Volunteering at Naankuse

    We provide 2 weeks to 3 month opportunities for volunteers from around the world to have a life changing experience through our various volunteering programmes, striving to make a difference for conversation in Namibia. Volunteers of all ages with varying degrees of education and experience have become a vital life-force for Naankuse furthering awareness over the importance of conservation wherever they go after their volunteer experience.

  • Large Mammal Protection

    Large Mammal Protection

    Protecting the endangered elephant and rhino populations in Namibia is life-long goal for Naankuse. At the Mangetti Reserve in the north of Namibia, Naankuse educates farmers in the area in techniques to protect their infrastructure from the local elephant population, ensuring continued peace between humans and wildlife. Mangetti is also an important research site for the study of elephant behaviour. Naankuse has also partnered with the Jolie Pitt Foundation and the Zannier Reserve to protect elephants and Rhinos with a dedicate anti-poaching unit, men and women who have become the custodians of these magnificent creatures.

Naankuse Lodge

Farm Frauenstein, no. 277
Windhoek District
Tel: +264 81 677 13 45
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Neuras Wine & Wildlife Estate

Farm Neuras on the D850
Hardap Region
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Kanaan Desert Retreat

Farm Kanaan on the D707
Karas Region
Tel: +264 81 681 74 22
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Naankuse @ Utopia

No. 64-66 Nelson Mandela Avenue
Tel: +264 61 211 299
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Naankuse Bush Camp

Farm Frauenstein, no. 277
Windhoek District
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TimBila Nature Reserve

Farm Osondjisse 55, D2329
Omaruru District
Tel: +264 61 22 88 69 
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Harnas Guest Farm

Farm 418 Gobabis
Drimiopsis District
Tel: +264 62 568 828
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