TimBila Nature Reserve

Welcome to the future… welcome to the TimBila Nature Reserve by N/a’an ku sê

25,000 hectares of not only iconic Namibian bushveld landscapes and wildlife, this reserve will herald prime conservation practices complemented and supported by exclusive ecotourism.

Perceived problem and conflict animals will be provided with a second chance – Namibia’s magnificent wild species given life where persecution would otherwise have prevailed.

Indeed, the reserve has already started fulfilling those second chances, two lion cubs now faring well when previously they almost succumbed to starvation. An incident of conflict resulting in their mother being shot, these two desert-adapted big cats almost became another conflict statistic. Rescued from imminent demise, they are recovering in a soft-release camp, and will ultimately be introduced to a pride of lions similarly removed from conflict and thus given a second chance at life.

Treating our guests to a second-to-none hospitality experience is another of our priorities. A luxury tented safari camp will beckon the discerning traveller from 2021, its unique charm and African flair enhanced by guest activities designed to showcase dedicated conservation efforts – ecotourism at its best.

TimBila Nature Reserve by Naankuse… your first travel destination choice; a second chance for them.