Kanaan Desert Retreat

Kanaan Desert Retreat

35 000 hectares of beautifully-preserved landscape in the Namib Desert is a photographer’s paradise. With endless red dunes, crystal clear night skies, and mouth-watering, home-made cuisine - Kanaan is the ultimate ecotourism destination. Bordering the Tiras Mountain range, Kanaan is where nature, luxury and conservation meet. Since acquiring the land in 2014, Naankuse has removed all man-made fences to create a wildlife reserve that provides refuge to a number of endemic animal species.




Exquisite meals are served at the lodge that overlooks the magnificient valley and dunes below. Guests can relax on the lodge veranda and watch the sun set or they can take a stroll to the pool adjacent to the lodge.

Luxury Canvas Tents

We offer eight breath-taking, private, en-suite luxury canvas tents overlooking a watering-hole. Our rates include dinner and breakfast.


We also offer eight self-catering campsites, each with it's own shade-netting, ablution facilities and braai area.



Sunset, Sunrise or a Scenic Dune Drive

We offer a variety of safaris including a sunset, sunrise or scenic dune drive where guests can enjoy drinks and snacks and encounter a number of free-roaming wildlife species.

Photographic Safari and Professional Photographic Tours

One of the most popular activities at Kanaan is the Photographic Safari and Professional Photographic Tours. Photography enthusiasts will be taken to the most scenic parts of Kanaan during this safari.


Guests who love a bit of fun and action can will certainly enjoy our Blokarts.


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Kanaan Desert Retreat

From Windhoek, driving south on the B1 to Mariental: Turn right onto the C19 road towards Maltahohe. Continue through the town to the T-junction, then turn left onto the C14 road and continue for 35km. Turn right on to D824 road. Continue for 11km and follow the D831 road on your left. Then turn right onto the D826 road towards Duwiseb Castle. Continue to Betta, then turn left onto the C27 road towards Farm Spes Bona. At Spes Bona, turn right onto the D707 road and continue for 45km to the entrance of Kanaan.

Latitude: 25° 55’ 4.9692” S
Longitude: 16° 8’ 3.6816” E

Kanaan Desert Retreat – the perfect layover for those who have opted to embrace the freedom of the open road.

If you are self-driving to Namibia’s iconic southern destinations such as the Fish River Canyon, Sossusvlei or the historical enchantment of Lüderitz, Kanaan is the ideal halfway stop… and you may not want to leave our spectacular desert landscapes and inviting hospitality.  

As they say, “Getting there is half the fun.” And the D707 route, on which Kanaan is located, beautifully encapsulates this. Dubbed “Namibia’s Dream Road”, the D707 winds past Duwisib Castle, quaint villages and ever-changing, endless landscapes – you won’t want the journey to end. But when you do, make it Kanaan.

Kanaan to Luderitz - 270km or 3.5 hrs 

Kanaan to Sossusvlei - 240km or 3 hrs 

Kanaan to Aus - 150km or 2 hrs 

Kanaan to Windhoek - 550km or 6 hrs 

Kanaan to Fish River Canyon - 455km or 6 hrs 

Kanaan to Neuras Wine & Wildlife Estate 240 km or 3 hrs